You have that customer who has a requirement that all Opportunities need to have a SLA and be resolved one way or another within 2 hours. We can enable SLA's on all entities now (Including Custom). Here is a guide on how this will be configured

1. Go into your solution and find the entity that you want to enable for SLA.

2. Select the Enable for SLA Option at the bottom of the Entity General page

3. As always "Save & Publish"


4. Lets create that SLA, Navigate to Settings>Service Management


5. You will not have the option to select "Service Level Agreements"


6. We will create a new SLA


7. You will be presented with a list of all entities that are enabled for SLA in this instance we will use the Opp - Remember to give it a relevant name.


8. The Applicable From field is what i would call the trigger field. This is the date/time that the SLA timer will run from.


9. Select the Business Hours that you would like the SLA to run against.


10. Allow Pause/Resume can be configured - in this instance we will allow it.


11. We will not add a SLA Detail (As a side note here make sure you have setup a relationship between the entity you are setting up and the SLA KPI Instance.


12. Give your SLA Item a name and select your KPI. We will also put in our Applicable When and Success Criteria.


13. Set the Warning and Failure times.


14. Lets create the Failure Action


15. In this case if it breaches the SLA we will close the Opp with a reason of "Lost" and "Could Not Contact"


16. The warning will be the Opp being assigned to the group of team leaders. - Remember to save once complete.


17. We will now go back to the Opportunity form and add a quick view to bring the SLA information onto the form.


18. Double check that you have your Relationship between SLA KPI Instance and the Opp.


19. Then on the form lets add that Quick View Form
20. Give the form a name and select your lookup (relationship) related entity and the Resolve by.


21. Make sure to go back and Activate the SLA, then you can "Set as Default" - This will only set it as default for the specified entity that you are working with.


22. Create yourself a test and win the Opp - Succeeded


23. Create an Opp and let it run down.


24. When it breaches Warning it will then be assigned to the Managers (TMC) Team.


25. If it passed the Failure it will start to count back up the way


26. You will see it is now closed