When it comes to managing events i find one of the most difficult aspect of it is the venue management. Different resources and contacts that you dealing with, Information all over the place and then there are so many other logistics to thing about.

Simple things that you don't think you will need to know all the time are! What layout is the room, how many people can we get in the room, what building is the pre event in and that's just the normal questions

Lets set the scheme with what we are doing with Scottish Summit 2022

  • We have 1 building
  • 15 rooms
  • 1 layout (per room)

We are running the event at Strathclyde University Technology & Innovation Centre. Its based in Glasgow and has Disabled access, parking and Accessible Toilets.

If you know the cost you can add it in here as well.

We can add the rooms in now for the venue, I have added the room name and linked it to the venue. It will inherit the specifics from the parent. I did extend the table to add in what level of the venue it is on (Also added it to the ideas portal)

Something that we had to go back and forward with the venue previously was the number of seats and layouts of each of the room. This has made it so much easier when trying to get the layouts correct and look at what the overall capacity could be.

Now that i have my venue and rooms i can now add them to the event.... kind of, I can add the venue but it will only let me select one room. Most events that i have been involved in have multiple rooms (so here is Ideas Portal #2)

Last but not least when we have a session we can select what venue and what room the session will be in. This is great as in previous events we have used several venues for the pre day events.

Next blog we will look at Sponsors and how to manage them. This will include the sponsorship entities and have i extended to build a BPF that goes from Lead to Sponsorship