So recently there has been lots of talk about the role of a Dynamics Consultant.........To Code or Not To Code that is the question.

As a Dynamics 365 Consultant i am on the Not to Code side, that for me is a role for a developer to bring the ideas i have to life in areas where i cannot complete these tasks with configuration, workflows or rules. Recently i have picked up a solution from North52 that gives us non developers a configuration tool that we can further expand Dynamics 365 For Customer Engagement.

Something that i would normally have to write a spec, hand it over to a dev, wait for it to be built and then test before i can show the customer can be done in under 5 minutes!! I have been able to automatically create a new opportunity 90 days before a contract comes to and end by quickly using FetchXML and a Workflow

Creating the Formulas and Rules are very simple as well as being easily navigated

North52 have supplied a fantastic library with code snippets with detailed guides on how to set them up -

Here are some of the examples that i think are amazing

Do you have a large sales team or support team that you need to allocate leads or cases on in equally? 

xRM Formula #046 - Round Robin Assignment for Leads or Cases

When your customer has a sophisticated pricing model you can enhance the OOB features

xRM Formula #158 - Custom Pricing for Quote Products

A Good old ITTT example for your Option Sets

xRM Formula #039 - Dependent Picklists

Need to manage your on hand stock based on order fulfilment?

xRM Formula #009 -Fulfilled Order - Decrement Quantity On Hand

Auto Geocode an address for an Account

xRM Formula #033 - Geo Encode The Account Address