This post is second in a series of querying CDS entity data and displaying it in a model-driven app web resource. A few days back, I wrote first post in this series CDS Data Binding using Knockout. Here I m answering a couple of questions and sharing a few more tips.

Though I have fetched data using WebApi and J-Query but any mechanism that returns object array will work. Yes, we can use FetchXml for querying data too.

The second thing is we can query data from multiple related entities using expand oData function. In this scenario, query returns cases with customer details. Customer can be an account or a contact:

var query = "/api/data/v9.1/incidents?$select=title&$expand=customerid_account($select=name),customerid_contact($select=fullname)";

While doing data binding a few times, I got an error:

Cannot ready property ‘name’ of undefined

The reason was in data few records don’t have customerid_account (parent object was null). To solve this, I have used if binding (Knockout offer different bindings) which checks and only bind the data if the object is not null.


Knockout ‘with’ binding can also be used for this:


We can do few tricks by using if and ifnot (else) bindings too. Query above is perfect example we either have customerid_account or customerid_contact not both. My requirement was to display combined data from both fields as one:

Here is complete sample code:




List of Cases

Title Account Contact Client

I hope you find this useful.

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