Articles of the week

CRM 2013 – What is the WRPC Token and resolving INVALID_WRPC_TOKEN errors

Ben’s post on load testing and problems getting INVALID_WRPC_TOKEN error.

Understanding the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Performance Center

Post on one of the cool features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015… Guess what is that feature? Microsoft Dynamics CRM Performance Center…

How to Write Form Scripts That Perform Well?

How to Write Form Scripts That Perform Well?

My article on improving Dynamics CRM form scripts performance

And the REST

How to Write Scripts for Composite Attributes

What are the Composite Attributes?

Post on how to write scripts for Composite Attributes.

PowerShell module for performing data operations and manipulating user and system settings in CRM

Post on the new PowerShell module for data operations such as:

  • Create, retrieve, update, and delete records in CRM
  • Manage CRM security by adding/managing users, teams, and their roles
  • Import and export CRM solutions
  • Manage user and system settings

Microsoft has launched a dedicated USD Blog

Microsoft launched a dedicated blog for Microsoft Dynamics Unified Service Desk.

Behind the Scenes with the PowerObjects Blog: A Dynamics CRM Workflow in Motion

A post on how to blogging with Dynamics CRM? :-)

Inogic Dynamics CRM Solutions – Change the Pace of your Business Decisions

Tip #486: Don’t hard code currency in workflows

Introducing Hierarchy Security in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Post on security models in enterprise.

PowerObjects Releases PowerHashTag: Organize and Manage Records Using Tags

Make order! Take a look at the PowerHashTag

Using CRM from an external website – part 9: Custom Authentication Service – Proof of concept