I would like a definitive answer to this question.

We have MS Dynamics NAV installed on our system the is integrated with CRM 2013 Dynamics.

We are looking at installing a Project Management Plugin that has been written by a non Microsoft Company but I have doubts as to weather you can have both on one system.

Both will use the dynamics adaptor. I am not sure this is possible.

As far as the documentation goes it says it should only be used with Microsoft Dynamics software. I tried installing both on one test server. I found that both system integrate with the account contact user and EPR system user table. On the account i noticed that they both use the same fields. And if you integrate one system the functionality to integrate with the NAV system is not available. I have been reading the integration documentation and i think the following things will have conflicts:

Submit button

Integration key

MSDI database

Submit processes that happen when a entity is integrated.

So my question is Is any software that uses the Microsoft Connector that is NOT written by Microsoft Supported? What are all the implications of using two connectors on the same CRM system and is it possible?

I think not but i need it in writing please.