Hi All,

We are looking to carry out marketing campaigns on occasion but are not sure of the best approach.

At present we have a CRM 2013 server which is running find and does what we need it to do.

When we run a test campaign, emails are received by our test recipients but we are not looking go live.

However, before doing this we have concerns that our domain runs the risk of becoming black listed and as a result we have considered using relaying through a third party such as Mailchimp.

Mailchimp offer a product called 'PowerMailChimp' that appears to offer what we are looking for but having installed the trial and got it working in test mode, it would now appear that we also need to install  Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).  This in turn requires the purchase of a certificate.

We have no particular expertise in this area and I am therefore wondering if this is something that others have done/used successfully and whether it is the best approach or whether there is a better approach?  We are intending to send campaigns out when they arise and we do not see it becoming a once a week or even once a month type campaign.  Is this an over complicated solution for us?

Thoughts from those with a better understanding of this would be greatly appreciated.

Based in U.K