Hi there,

I am in the middle of customer portal development and have encountered something with great urgency to resolve it.

I want to change the out of the box functionality of forgotten password workflow. 

OOTB functionality - User enter an unique email address and clicks submit and a email is being sent to that unique email address of the contact in order to reset password.

I want to change this functionality by allowing user to enter their username instead of email address. The reason being username will be unique for contacts(customers) but email address could be the same.
For example. 

  • Contact 1 can have username as Customer A
  • Contact 2 can have username as Customer B
  • Contact 3 can have username as Customer C

But their email could be same i.e. admin@xyz.com

How do we change this functionality?

So if the OOTB functionality is used, how would the adxportal detect which user has entered the email address? Should it send the email to every contact with same email address? This defeats the purpose of having unique username/ having a portal account. 

If you need more clarifications, please ask.