Unable to find if User is in Disabled State on User Form and unable to add status field again on the form footer using Customization window



Customizer removed the footer field field on the form by mistake. Field is not visible in Field Explored to add back to form.


Product Team has already fixed the issue but it might not be available on older builds or older Dynamics versions.


1) Create a new Solution with User Entity Form.

2) Export the solution as unmanaged and extract all the files from solution.

3) Edit customization.xml and modify footer node like below (Add control back in xml)

<footer id="{EEC63805-B8B7-4AB3-8C32-F42BED9A7153}">
<cell id="{22CF131D-2919-469A-9FD8-6256C90C56F5}">
<control id="footer_isdisabled" classid="{3EF39988-22BB-4f0b-BBBE-64B5A3748AEE}" datafieldname="isdisabled" />

4) Zip the 3 files solution.xml, customation.xml, contenttypes.xml again.

5) Import solution in org.