Managing all your customers, appointments, meetings, etc. in your Dynamics CRM while keeping a separate calendar? Not anymore! We have the perfect calendar plugin to go with your Dynamics CRM. A calendar that gives you an overview of the scheduled, ongoing, and completed activities of the whole team. Make your days more productive by starting with us today!

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Create & Manage Multiple Activities

Manage all your activities including tasks, recurring appointments, phone calls, service and campaign activities, etc right from your Dynamics CRM calendar. No more managing multiple calendars and forgetting events, email follow-ups, etc. Create, edit and copy CRM activities as well as custom activities.

Activity Reminders

Keep up with your day using our Dynamics CRM calendar and get activity reminders according to your preference. Never miss an event, task, or an appointment with our reminder feature. Send email reminders to your team members of their activities, calls, etc.

Perform Multiple Actions

What if you could convert your appointment and tasks into your leads right from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM calendar? With our calendar add-on, you can! Convert any calendar activity into existing cases/leads & reassign them to other users or teams.

Activity Filtration

Eliminate the confusion with our advanced activity filtration feature. You can filter activities according to their statuses .i.e Open, Scheduled, Canceled, etc. and also to contacts, accounts as well as other modules related to accounts and contacts.

Productive Calendar Views

Different activities and schedules require different kinds of view. With our Calendar 365 plugin, you get 4+ views of the calendar with dynamic tooltip & detailed pop-up. Views include Gantt, Agenda, List, etc. which are developed keeping in mind the requirements of professionals from assorted industries.

If you want to be more specific and centered to your business needs, you can send us your requirements here and we will get you the solution that matches all your business objectives.