MC222216, Stay Informed, Published date: Sep 15, 2020

Updated October 02, 2020: We are pleased to announce that we have begun the roll out of Microsoft Power Platform Wave 2.

As previously announced in MC218287 (July 2020), we will begin to enable Microsoft Power Platform Wave 2 between October 2020 and March 2021.

How this affects your organization:

Starting on October 1, 2020 your organization will receive the mandatory update during one of the scheduled maintenance windows, based on your region.

How can I prepare for this change?

Please visit the available deployment schedule to determine the maintenance window in which your environment will receive the update.

For more information on the new features and capabilities, you can read through the Microsoft Power Platform release plan.

General availability deployment


After a release wave is generally available, all environments will be automatically turned on to receive mandatory updates which will enable the early access features and the general available features of a release.


Check out Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Release Plans to learn more about new features to be released in the release waves.

Throughout a release wave, your environments will be updated during one of the weekend maintenance windows based on your environments' region. The specific dates when the updates will occur will be published to the Message Center. Each notification will include the dates, the maintenance window, and the Release Plan reference for the list of optimizations, fixes, and enhancements. Each environment should see the new features and build numbers by Monday morning, local time. See Policies and communications.


If you have enabled the early access updates in your environments, you'll continue getting updates throughout the release wave.

If you did not opt in for the early access updates in your environments, your environment will be automatically updated to receive the new release based on the general availability deployment schedule for your region.

Deployment schedule

The general availability deployment is based on the regions where environments are created.



Schedule for 2020 wave 2 general availability deployment

South America
South Africa

Friday, October 2nd – Sunday, October 4th

Asia Pacific
Great Britain

Friday, October 9th – Sunday, October 11th


Friday, October 16th – Sunday, October 18th

North America

Friday, October 23nd – Sunday, October 25th


Friday, October 30th – Sunday, November 1st

GCC High

Friday, October 30th – Sunday, November 1st
See Dynamics 365 US Government.