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How to solve Preparation failed error during service update

Posted on by 24
Hi community,
When I try to apply a service update on my Dev environment, I receive a /Preparation failed/ error, and the log is also empty.
I attempted the update using the LCS admin login.
My C drive has 40GB of free space, and my K drive has over 200GB of free space, but I still encounter the error.
Does anyone have a solution for this issue?
  • Verified answer
    Saran.S Profile Picture
    Saran.S 24 on at
    How to solve Preparation failed error during service update
    The SSL certificate had expired.
    After rotating the SSL certificate from LCS and performing the service update, it is now working.
  • Suggested answer
    Anthony Blake Profile Picture
    Anthony Blake 936 on at
    How to solve Preparation failed error during service update
    My usual checklist would be something like:
    Check admin account is still default in LCS
    Check diskspace: already done
    Check everything closed, e.g. visual studio
    Restart box and retry
    Make sure custom code on the box is in a build state - if not, build models and then restart (no sync needed)
    Finally the sledgehammer approach - provision a replacement

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