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Formatting Date fields in SSRS reports

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Hello. Any date field from Dynamics 365 that I bring in to an SSRS report with a FetchXML data set, is not recognized as a date.  I can display the data without any issue, but I can't format the field to some how convert the string into a date field. I suspect it has to do with the time value in the field.

I have tried the formula: 

This works with many of the values, but unfortunatley, not all of the values (perhaps because they don't have a time in the date field?)


Below is an example of the above column, and the data without any formatting.  I can't see a reason for why the formula would work on some of the values, but not the others.  This is the "Created On" field that is in all entities.


I would appreciate suggestions for how to solve this.  Thank you!

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    unicorn_tech 85 on at
    RE: Formatting Date fields in SSRS reports

    Interesting. Though I'm not using an IF function here. My goal is just to sort by date, which I can't do if the date can't be formatted as such.

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    RE: Formatting Date fields in SSRS reports


    Some values in an expression can evaluate to null or undefined at report processing time. This can create run-time errors that result in #Error displaying in the text box instead of the evaluated expression. The IIF function is particularly sensitive to this behavior because, unlike an If-Then-Else statement, each part of the IIF statement is evaluated (including function calls) before being passed to the routine that tests for true or false. The statement =IIF(Fields!Sales.Value is NOTHING, 0, Fields!Sales.Value) generates #Error in the rendered report if Fields!Sales.Value is NOTHING.

    Please refer to the following section which may help you.

    Suppressing Null or Zero Values at Run Time

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