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A quick question

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I am trying to do something i thought was very simple but i cant figure it out or find anything helpful. 
Im looking at my opportunity page, 

And i want the contacts department listed after there name in caller info section. This info would be pulled from here,

The info shown in red circled area, Is the contacts department that they reside. 

All i want is this department info to be displayed on the opportunity page under the caller information area.

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    Community Member UG Leader on at
    RE: A quick question

    Hi AddisonPayne,

    1.The area where company name field exists is called Header, which is the part of the form that is visible even as the user scrolls down or moves across tabs.

    And only four fields are available to be places in the header. So if you want to add one to it, you have to remove the other field now exists in it.

    (1) Navigate to the form for the entity header you want to change. And click on the Header icon on top which will bring up your header

    (2) When the Header area is highlighted as above you can select one existing field, then add fields to it.


    (3) When you add fifth field, it will get an error.


    2.As you mentioned above, contacts department field, which is lookup field or just simple field?

    If it is lookup field, you can use quick view form control ( ) to show details.

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    Adrian Begovich 20,318 Super User on at
    RE: A quick question

    Hi AddisonPayne,

    This article explains how to work with the form editor.

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