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GP 2018 and O365 email

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We have recently migrated our user mailbox's to O365, we are running a hybrid environment. We have Modern Authentication set. Our Office clients are still using Office 2010 and will be upgraded to the 365 ProPlus later this year.

After migration the one main user who uses the EFT Remittance process has not be able to email them, her GP client crashes after she clicks on Send Documents in Email... option.

Our server type is currently set to MAPI.

We also have Email setup in our Sales module for processes/workflow for POs and that seems to be working still.

Is anyone using a hybrid O365 installation and GP 2018, what is your configuration? Does anyone still have shared mailboxes on prem for this purpose?


  • Bill Campbell Profile Picture
    Bill Campbell 22,645 on at
    RE: GP 2018 and O365 email

    Beat great point the service provider for them is Telus - so they are using what ever email service and branding over it with their (Telus) name

    I will investigate and see

    I can reach out to Telus Technical to learn more.

    I think sniffing down the wire might be interesting as well.  Will post for you when I know more.  

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    Beat Bucher  GP Geek  GPUG All Star Profile Picture
    Beat Bucher GP Gee... 28,002 Super User on at
    RE: GP 2018 and O365 email


    I'm wondering what their main email provider is ? (O365 or some other weird hosted provider) .. many times it comes to that 'basic' authentication method which isn't supported in GP in 'Exchange' mode.. Even now with the MFA added to the latest GP build, I still struggled to make it work with some exotic mail provider.. I know it supposedly works with GMAIL (as I have one customer using GMail Enterprise), but haven't see much success with any other providers.

    You may want to try to setup a sharkwire client and sniff the data that's going on the line back & forth between the GP client and the outside e-mail server.

  • Bill Campbell Profile Picture
    Bill Campbell 22,645 on at
    RE: GP 2018 and O365 email

    I know this is an old posting but the issue is still causing a problem with a long standing client.

    Running GP2018 ( r3 )

    Office 2016 Professional ( 64bit )

    Therefore we have to select Exchange in the System Preferences


    Now here is the challenge I encountered with this client installation.

    They are not hosting their own email.

    They are using a POP3 / IMAP service and Office 2016 Professional Outlook client

    The domain at site is NAME.local

    The email address on the server is :

    Looking at the Outlook Profile connection the following:

    User Name:

    Password: XXXX!####


    Connection / Login to the Machine 

    User: Admin###

    Password: XXXX&&&&

    Domain : NAME.local


    When I enter the information at hand here into the Email Setting it takes about 5 minutes and then fails.  It comes back to the Credentials Login page each time, but nothing else happens.

  • Cade Foster Profile Picture
    Cade Foster 30 on at
    RE: GP 2018 and O365 email

    Hi Derek,

    Is the VBA/GP issue  specific to Windows Server 2019?

    Is the issue only related to emailing?

    What about using Integration Manager with VB Scripts?


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    RE: GP 2018 and O365 email

    To verify it isn't an issue with VBA, you can try the following:

    1. Have all users log out of an instance of Dynamics GP.

    2. As 'sa', login to GP and in the Customization Maintenance window, export everything into a package file, then close GP.

    3. Cut/Paste all forms and reports dictionary files into a backup folder, so they are not where the Dynamics.set file is looking for them.

    4. Also, in the GP directory, cut/paste all .vba files into a backup folder.

    5. Log into Dynamics GP as 'sa' and verify the Customization Maintenance window shows nothing, otherwise the previous steps were not done completely/successfully.

    6. Attempt to email the EFT remittances again to see if Dynamics GP still crashes. If it does not, then you're probably running into the issue we have with email and VBA.

    The only email issue we see specific to EFT remittances, is when there is a customization on the Template or odd characters in the email addresses used, you can refer to the following for this information:

    •Error messages when you email RM Statements in Microsoft Dynamics GP: Unknown Error or Insufficient Memory

    • Use default report and Template and make sure the Template is the one marked with an Asterisk (*).

    o If the default works, check the bookmarks on the modified template:

    • Remove all email addresses being used and reenter them. Make sure that there are no odd characters such as ^ or a Tab.

    • This issue can occur with all reports, and these can be caused by MessageID issues or Reply To issues. Make sure to remove all MessageIDs and Reply To emails.


  • PaulaY Profile Picture
    PaulaY 50 on at
    RE: GP 2018 and O365 email

    Thanks for your reply.  Our users are still using Office 2010 (we will be upgrading them later on this summer).  The only thing we migrated were our Exchange mailboxes.  we are a hybrid environment with our AD on prem.  We do have some VBA customizations.  Our application server is 2019 and we have not had any issues with this in the past.  

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    RE: GP 2018 and O365 email

    I'm wondering if you're not running into one of the issues we've seen with email functionality and VBA and/or an Office update:

    As mentioned in the articles, we've seen email functionality cause Dynamics GP to crash when VBA is present and also when using a updated version of Office. The articles mention some options to resolve this type of issue.

    Let us know if you have any questions or if you're not actually running into one of these known issues.

    Thank you

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