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If you are like me when you first started troubleshooting Word Templates you didn’t really undestand what a bookmark was, let alone how they are utilized within Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Word Tempaltes.

With that in mind, I wanted to spend a little time today talking about Bookmarks and how Microsoft Dynamics GP utilizes them.

What is a bookmark in Microsoft Office Word? A bookmark identifies and labels a specific section or location within a document that can be used to identify for future reference.

How does Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Word Templates use bookmarks? In Microsoft Dynamics GP there are 5 default bookmarks. These bookmarks are used in conjunction with the XML on the template to determine where on the Microsoft Word document your report informaiton should be placed.

What are the default Microsoft Dynamics GP Word Template bookmarks?

How can I see which bookmarks are on my Word Template? First, you’ll want to make sure that Bookmarks are visible on the document you are viewing.

  1. In Microsoft Word, File menu, Advanced tab, Show document content section.
  2. Check the box next to option “Show bookmarks”


Now that we know bookmarks are visible on the document, you can use the following direction to see which bookmarks on your document.

*Bookmarks look as grey capital I or roman numeral 1.


You will want to view the Microsoft Dynamics GP Word Template via directly opening the file or clicking Modify in Template Maintenance on the specific Word Template.

  1. In Microsoft Word, click into any of the tables that contain data on the template, go to the Insert menu, Links section, select Bookmark.


Where should the default Microsoft Dynamics GP bookmarks be located on a Word Template document? You can reference the following “map” of a report template document. I use this screenshot a lot when troubleshooting Word Templates. It really is a great tool. I would highly recommend that you keep a copy for yourself.


Notes: *StartTempalteDocumentBookmark and EndTemplateDocumentBookmark are used only for calculating page numbers for report template document. They do not identify tables in the report template document.

*To be found by the template processing engine in Microsoft Dynamics GP, these bookmarks must not be located within the fields, captions, or legends used for the report.

*Word Templates that are generated via the Word Template generator may not necessarily have all these bookmarks. This varies based on what is included on the Report Writer report xml file used when generating a template.


Well my fellow Word Template advocates, that concludes this blog. I hope you can use this in your future Word Template cases. As always, if you have anything, you’d like to see blogged around leave me a comment. I’d love to help.

Until next time, Nicole Fiskum | Support Engineer | Microsoft Dynamics