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Customer Service Workspace - Custom App Presence

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We are working through implementing the Customer Service Workspace. We want to make a decent number of changes to the site-map so the thought was to copy the app and create our own version. However, once we do that the Presence options and productivity tools disappear. We have an agent experience profile associated with the productivity tools enabled and all channels on. Is it possible to have this as a custom app or are these features only available via the out of the box Customer Service Workspace? 
Out of the box app:
Custom app: 
  • CU24050408-0 Profile Picture
    CU24050408-0 2 on at
    Customer Service Workspace - Custom App Presence
    Sorry, I have a wonder. Can you provide more information on the customization options available within the Customer Service Workspace?
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    Leah Ju Microsoft Employee on at
    Customer Service Workspace - Custom App Presence
    Unfortunately, we can't achieve this in the custom app currently.

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