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Euro Symbol not printing on Word Template

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Dear All,

We have upgrade from GP 2013 R2  to GP 2016 R2 and Euro symbol was missing on currency ID and I have added it into currency window and everything in GP show euro symbol no issues.  When I print any report including purchase order the standard report shows the Euro symbol but word template shows one small square box.  So far I tried the following.

1) Exported standard report and remove the source from word template and added it back(including removing fields and added)

2) Change the font

I left with no more choice and help required if any of you faced this issue and how did you get resolved.


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    RE: Euro Symbol not printing on Word Template

    Hi All,

    The problem resolved by changing the server from windows 2012 to windows 2016.  Not very good changing the server just to print euro symbol on word template, since both are Microsoft product.

  • RE: Euro Symbol not printing on Word Template

    I am surprised with no-one experienced this situation.  The GP 2016 R2 has a bug where it loose the Euro symbol on currency setup after upgrade and we need to copy this from outside and paste it on GP and its works fine.  To narrow down the our issue the template prints euro symbol on my local GP 2016 R2 with windows 7 but it print a square box or some character on Terminal server windows 2012.  So it has to be something with the combination of GP 2016 on Windows Server 2012.  If anyone can recommend any kind of suggestion will be great.  

  • RE: Euro Symbol not printing on Word Template

    Bump...  anyone there can shed some  light to my issue

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