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Enhanced Label (Layouts) Template Support

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Hi All,
I have been working with custom label layouts and have been finding it to be a useful tool.  Unfortunately, I have been unable to find more in depth documentation surrounding the /Enable label template support/ other than, /... Set it to Yes to create more advanced layouts that include {{Header ... }}, {{Row ... }}, and {{Footer ... }} elements..../
With that said, I did recently find this example from the Print Container Labels - Enable label template support which shows examples of: {{HeaderFirst ... }}, {{FooterFirst ... }}, in addition to /RowsPerLabelFirst=/, /StartYFirst=/.  Which indicates there is further functionality surrounding this enhanced label template option however, there really isn't any info or further examples I can find to suggest how this works or what other options are available to take advantage of.
This then leads to me to my question:
Can two /{{Row Table=XYZ .... }}/ type elements be utilized in one custom label layout and ideally, be nested within each other?  And if so, what does the syntax look like for Row, Table, StartY, IncY, RowsPerLabel, $position.YPos$, start & end of {{ }}, etc.?
This would enable users to print a label for multiple records in a table and at the same time, pull multiple rows of information per table record.  To my example below, from a transfer journal (likely applies to SO, PO, TO, etc.) I could print out a batch ID label for each transfer line that has multiple /Purchased/ transactions per line (due to registration) and at the same time, print out the batch attribute information.  I can get this to work when there is only one transaction per transfer journal line but as soon as multiple transactions exist, the attributes portion of the label will not work or print.  As a result, it appears likely that two nested tables within the label layout could allow this to work.
Could it be something like:
{{Row1 Table1=InventTrans_1 StartY1=100 IncY1=-50 RowsPerPerLabel1=1
{{Row2 Table2=PdsBatchAttributes_1 StartY2=200 IncY2=-50 RowsPerLabel2=4
The above is just a guess as to what this could look like as when I have tested the general syntax above, it does not work.  I would appreciate any suggestions, documentation outlining the functionality, or working examples that others have used.
Thank you!