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Developer Training / Sandboxing

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Hey all,

Many of the questions here are working with organizations that are already using Dynamics 365.

I'm interested in knowing if there is a mechanism/product offering for developers who want a sandbox for full Dynamics 365 application building and testing.

It doesn't need to handle lots of users or even data - it just needs to be a useful sandbox for trying out concepts and integrations without having to register for a free trial each time and then losing the work.

We used to be able to do this fairly easily with the on-premises offering (as we managed our own instances) but I'd like to be able to have my own that includes the Azure Administration piece so I can get an all-encompassing view of everything

Anyone know of such an offering?



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    akselsoft 10 on at
    RE: Developer Training / Sandboxing

    Thank you - that is precisely what I needed.

    While I don't mind using one of my partner's accounts, I do enough work around the way that having my own license is preferred.

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    ACECORP 1,555 on at
    RE: Developer Training / Sandboxing

    $95 per month will get you a D365 Enterprise License which will enable you to have a D365 Instance to use for whatever you want, and it will last as long as you continue to pay for the subscription.

    If your organization has a D365 subscription, you can create as many sandbox instances as you want within that subscription at no charge provided you have enough storage.

    Developers can utilize a 25-user 90-day free developer subscription here:

    After the 90-day period, developers can reduce the number of licenses and then purchase and pay for only one $95 /month D365 Enterprise License. 

    Microsoft Partner Companies & CSPs have the option to subscribe to and purchase an Action Pack Subscription that includes access to a D365 org. 

    Otherwise, it is advised that the developer utilizes a sandbox instance within their company's D365 Subscription to use for development. 

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