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Master Projects and Subprojects

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Hi there,
I am new to D365 Project Operations and was wondering whether it's possible to create subprojects within a Master project? We have jobs where we can have several stages and currently, we create a new job number for each but there is no way of linking all of these to the Main job.
Does anyone have any ideas? 
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    AmirHemani Profile Picture
    AmirHemani on at
    Master Projects and Subprojects
    You can link multiple projects together but it wont be as robust as F&O Master and subproject.
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    Brandon_BM 7 on at
    Master Projects and Subprojects
    There is a table with a relationship already made called MSDYN_program. You should start with that and start building off of it. It allows for program management based on linking multiple projects together. It has a relationship for 1:M for Program to Projects. 
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    Chris Finch Profile Picture
    Chris Finch 322 on at
    Master Projects and Subprojects
    Assuming you have deployed Type 2 Project Operations for resource/non-stocked scenarios (integrated), then this doesn't carry the same out of the box functionality as in PMA where a hierarchy could be created (subprojects)? There are many ways to skin this of course, simplest is to consider the role of the project contract in this as the overarching project container.

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