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How to set response timer to IVR bot?

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Hello Experts,
I have created a IVR bot in Omnichannel-Dynamics 365. This bot requests the user to enter the option like, press 1 for sales, press 2 for service, press 3 for support. 
How can i ask the same question again for 3 times if user didnt respond in 10 seconds?
Please check the below bot topic:
Thanks for your help in advance.
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    Expiscornovus 55 on at
    How to set response timer to IVR bot?
    You can also create a separate inactivity/session timeout topic and redirect to your original topic. You could set that number very low via the formula option. You might be able to track the repeats in a global number variable as well.
    Below are the docs of the inactivity trigger:

    Below is an example setup

    1. IVR Topic

    2. Inactivity Topic

    3. Test Run

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    PerezAguiar on at
    How to set response timer to IVR bot?
    I haven't seen this in regular Copilot.  Instead, in Bot Framework Composer.  You can read more on  Basically, there's some code that will put wait times and repeat the message.
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