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AIF Service won't update custom field

Posted on by 2,693

I have added a custom field to the TMSTransportationTender table and need to update it using the TMSTransTenderService.  I have updated the service using tools, AIF, Update document service, and can see the parm method in the TMSTransTender_TMSTransportationTender class.  I refreshed the AIF Service and can see the field in the TMSTransTenderService.Update schema.  I deactivated and reactivated the Inbound port, and can see the field in the data policies, although the policies are not enabled.  When I look at the AIF history log, I can see that the inbound XML document has the information that I want to be changed.  I am using Scribe and can see the field in the external interface.  I send the update and all of the standard fields update correctly, but my custom one does not.

What did I miss?

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    lispyj 2,693 on at
    RE: AIF Service won't update custom field

    No, I did not enable it within data policies, I just looked to see that it was there.  I can't enable data policies as a whole without needing to rebuild my map.  I can try enabling it in a test to see if that cures my issue.

    Thanks for the input.


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    Ajit 8,755 on at
    RE: AIF Service won't update custom field

    Did you try enabling that column in data policies?

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: AIF Service won't update custom field

    Have you registrate the updated service (AOT-->Services-->TMSTransTenderService Right-click-->Addon-->Register Service).

    You can also try to make a full CIL compile.

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