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AX 2012 R2: Purchase requisition number on Purchase order header

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Hi All,

I am required to show purchase requisition number on purchase order list page with a searchable option which means it should not be a display method. Workflow is enabled to create PO from PR once gets approved, I added new field PurchReqId in PurchTable table to store purchase requisition number. Could you please guide me with the best way to achieve this requirement.

I found there is no relation between PurchTable and PurchReqTable tables, there is a relation between purchLine and purchReqLine tables.

I found a method PurchAutoCreate_PurchReq\setPurchTable where I can set PurchReqId in PurchTable from purchReqLine table.

I need your suggestions, is this the only place to set this new added field or I would need to do mapping anywhere else in other classes or tables?

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    guk1964 Profile Picture
    guk1964 10,877 on at
    RE: AX 2012 R2: Purchase requisition number on Purchase order header

    You may want to consider updating the relevant  PO number back to the PR line(s).

    As mentioned above the system challenge is a  1:N, PR : PO relationship[.

    The operational challenge is that when goods arrive you don't know for whom, and several POs might also be received for different users for the same item. Ax does not have an MR to trigger the inventory issue. So you need to id the recipient, PR number, or a user specific delivery address on the PO.

    We invariably need to customise for out clients to create  MRs as part of the PR process. There different approaches to this, but now we are into consultancy.

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    Fredrik Sætre Profile Picture
    Fredrik Sætre 12,644 on at
    RE: AX 2012 R2: Purchase requisition number on Purchase order header

    Since there is a 1:n relationship between purchase requisitions and purchase orders you should not have a field on the header level for this. There is a field on the line level for referencing the requisitions: PurchLine.PurchReqId

    You could always  aggregate these into one field, but that is not a good operating procedure.

  • lally Profile Picture
    lally 19,790 on at
    RE: AX 2012 R2: Purchase requisition number on Purchase order header

    Before you decide to customize , you need to understand the  relations ship between Purchase requisition and Purchase order .

    It might be one to one or one to many or many to one or many to many .

    I mean one purchase requisition can be created as multiple purchase orders .

    Same way multiple purchase requisitions can be created as one PO.

    That is the reason by design , MS has give the link between purchase requisition line to Purchas line .

    Are you sure that you have the one to one relation only , then only go with your customization.

    I believe that you need to discuss with users one more time , before you start development.

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