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Can F&O Projects have the same Project ID across multiple Legal Entities

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The question here relates to where an organisation that might have more than one one legal entity in D365 F&O, e.g. relating to separate countries. Where the organisation has Projects into which more than one legal entity contribute or work on the same project, so the organisation needs to view, manage and report on that single global project. 

So, the question is, within D365 F&O how do you define that 'single global project', what single unique identifier defines it as the ultimate parent, albeit that it may be that in each legal entity there may be one or many sub projects within a hierarchy. What pulls the Legal Entity project hierarchies together across the organisation?

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    AmirHemani Profile Picture
    AmirHemani on at
    Can F&O Projects have the same Project ID across multiple Legal Entities
    No you cant. 
    I would suggest to use intercompany transactions for your Timesheets as you mentioned that labor can be onshore, offshore case. F&O does allow you to do that. Same goes with expense mgt, you can do intercompany for those too.
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    CU04051554-0 5 on at
    Can F&O Projects have the same Project ID across multiple Legal Entities
    what about a financial dimension.  you could ensure the projects in each legal entity have the same financial dimension associated with them and then use that for reporting.
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    Can F&O Projects have the same Project ID across multiple Legal Entities
    I have the same problem, because in AX2012 we have shared the project and we can relate projects from different companies to a parent project. It is very common to have projects that are executed in different countries and have to relate the on-shore and off-shore with the parent project.  In D365 it doesn't allow the sharing of the projtable, I can't find a way to relate it in a standard way. 
    Therefore, we are going to develop a solution that allows you to manage the project hierarchy independently of the company
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    Sukrut Parab Profile Picture
    Sukrut Parab 71,637 Moderator on at
    Can F&O Projects have the same Project ID across multiple Legal Entities
    I don't think there is concept as global project. Even cross company data sharing will create another record with same project ID  in different legal entities. We have written customization to transfer project in another legal entity with same # for transfer scenario. 
    FYI, there are limitations with cross company data sharing if you are using  DW in project ops scenarios. 
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    ANInnoSolutions 186 on at
    Can F&O Projects have the same Project ID across multiple Legal Entities
    Hello Community member,
    some more information would be great to have to answer your question:
    - Which deployment type do you use for Dynamics 365 Project Operations or rather do you use integration to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Apps or do you only use Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Apps?
    - Is it an internal or external project?
    - What exactly is your goal?
    As per description, I suggest the following solution:
    - In general and if you create a record in Dynamics 365 FO Apps, it relates in most cases only to the legal entity of creation. At first glance, that means that this record is available only for users with the specific roles & rights to navigate and work in this legal entity. Because a user can have access to more than one legal entity, the easiest way to work with different users and different records in different legal entities is to allow the users to work in different legal entities. As result, the user in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is on a high-level basis not bounded to a country or a legal entity and therefore can have access to more records when e.g. changing the legal entity. If you want to have something like a "global" project where more users from different legal entities work with you can e.g. manage it via the role based security design what is given by the system default. Just allow the users to work in the specific legal entity and in the specific module with the specific data. Due to the overall setup, a user is even able to access projects from another legal entity out of the working legal entity.
    If this is no option, you can have a look into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Apps feature Cross-Company Data sharing - it could be a second entry point: Cross-company data sharing - Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn



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