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Is this achievable ?

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Hello mates,

I have a question, every month i export to excel some customers from the "account" entity  who doesnt have the mail contact informations filled. I export these customers and i send the file to the marketing service, once they fill the on the excel requested file informations, they send me back the file.

Is there a way to automatically fill on dynamics the fields informations from the excel file please ? 
Because actually I have to do it manually, I have to go through every customer and copy paste the informations, sometimes when i have a lot of customers , It take much times.

That would be great if there was a way to do this quickly.

best regards.

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    RE: Is this achievable ?

    Hi, Archetype

    Is the mail contact information you mentioned referring to the Email of Primary Contact of Account?

    1. For the entity Account, you can create a view to filter the accounts who don’t have the mail contact information filled first.



    1. Then export the view to Excel with the button above. Save it as a csv file. Fill the email information and save it.


    1. Import the csv file from Advanced settings > Settings > Data Management > Imports.


    1. Map the data.


    For more settings of the map, you can refer to the next article:

    How to Import Related Data into Dynamics 365 | Developer Support (

    1. After importing, the email information can be imported in a single pass.


    If this helped you, I'd appreciate it if you'd mark this as a Verified Answer, which may in turn help others as well.

    Best Regards,


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    RE: Is this achievable ?

    There are multiple ways of doing this.

    The simplest way to do this is re-export the same list of customers with the empty columns and do a "vlookup" from the excel received from the marketing service and populate the newly exported excel, copy the formula cells and paste them as values and import it back into dynamics for the update.

    Another one is to use a Power App that you can share with your Marketing Service to directly fill in the missing profiling data into Dynamics.

    If this helps please mark it as a verified answer.

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