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How to manage duplicate registration

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Hi All,

I'm working on an online participant registration project where a registrant can express interest to take part in a research study. The studies are published on the Dynamics portal. The registrant can sign-up for multiple studies and duplicate records are created in Dynamics CRM.  Thought it is possible to merge the duplicate records, only one study name can be retained.

Is it possible to set up a business rule within Dynamics to automatically merge the duplicates and in the contact record show which studies the registrant applied and the applied date?




  • Jag S Profile Picture
    Jag S 210 on at
    RE: How to manage duplicate registration

    please find attached the workflow

  • Jag S Profile Picture
    Jag S 210 on at
    RE: How to manage duplicate registration

    Thanks Uma. Please find above my query.

  • Jag S Profile Picture
    Jag S 210 on at
    RE: How to manage duplicate registration

    Thanks Bart. Still new to Dynamics and wanted to know if we can setup Dynamics to merge duplicates based on email id and record all the studies against volunteer contact?

    Volunteers should be able to apply to multiple research studies and will be available to different research teams. Whichever research team contacts the duplicate volunteer (let's say A) first, locks the account and other research teams cannot contact the duplicate volunteer (A). If A is ineligible for the 1st study, then A is available to participate in another research study. If A is eligible for a research study, then other research teams should not be able to lookup A.

    Based on the above please advise if we need a plugin or we can set up a business rule within Dynamics to handle the volunteer allocation to different research studies?



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    Bart Sneary 14 on at
    RE: How to manage duplicate registration

    The plugin mentioned is the best bet for this if there isn't a better way to design your registration process to allow a Contact to pull up their existing record to link all registrations to (maybe require them to authenticate before they are allowed to register for studies).  For existing duplicate records, the easiest path to done is to define a contact duplicate detection rule to find the duplicate records, then go through the list merging those Contacts that are duplicated.  This will automatically bring all child records from all deactivated Contacts into the surviving active records that "won" in the merge process.

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: How to manage duplicate registration

    Hi Jag S,

    This scenario we can implement the Plugin on contact record create and validate with same email there is any contact exists or not if exists , associate the existing contact to event else create new contact.

    For existing records you have to develop some logic to remove the duplicate contacts and map the events in console app....etc.

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