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Planned Orders Not Autofirming

Posted on by 31
Hi All,
I am having an issue with planned orders not auto-firming as expected.  I do not want all planned orders to auto-firm so I have created a coverage group and added a firming time fence.  I've created an item coverage record for those items that I want to be auto-firmed and assigned this coverage group to them.  When planning optimization runs, it creates planned production orders but I am expecting to see firmed production orders.  I'm also trying to do this for transfer orders and am having the same issue. 
Coverage Group with firming time fence attribute
Item Coverage Record
The coverage code for this coverage group is MIN/MAX
We are using planning optimization instead of traditional MRP
I have tried running planning optimization from both Master Planning as well as from Net Requirements
When I run planning optimization, the auto firming is generating errors.  
Really not sure what the error message means and why I'm getting it but its been frustrating to say the least
  • John Fortino Profile Picture
    John Fortino 31 on at
    Planned Orders Not Autofirming
    Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for your response.  In terms of dates, the planned production order START Dates are within the firming time fence window.  I read the information on the link that you send previously and saw that planning optimization uses start date.  I've opened a ticket against Microsoft to see what they find.  Sometimes I feel like I'm missing something very simple.  I've tested both with having an item coverage record and not having an item coverage record.  I have the auto-firming turned on at the coverage group level so I shouldn't need an item coverage record.  But when I do add an item coverage record, and the auto-firming box checked, that the value is in sync with what is on the coverage group.  That shouldn't matter though.  The item coverage record and those override boxes are designed to override the default.  In any case, nothing is working
  • CU24051522-0 Profile Picture
    CU24051522-0 2 on at
    Planned Orders Not Autofirming

    iosWhen planned orders do not autofirm, it can significantly disrupt the production schedule and supply chain operations. Autofirming is the process by which planned orders, created by the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system, are automatically converted into firm orders, thereby committing resources and scheduling activities. Several factors can cause planned orders to fail in autofirming. These include incorrect parameter settings in the MRP system, such as insufficient lead times, incorrect lot sizes, or inappropriate order policies. Additionally, system errors or data inaccuracies, such as incorrect inventory levels or lead times, can also lead to this issue. To address this, it is crucial to ensure that all relevant parameters and master data are accurately maintained and periodically reviewed. Regular system audits and updates can help in identifying and rectifying any discrepancies, thus ensuring that planned orders are efficiently autofirmed and production schedules are maintained seamlessly.
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    andrewlencsak Profile Picture
    andrewlencsak 247 on at
    Planned Orders Not Autofirming
    Hi, is this an issue with your dates? Does the order date or Production start date fall within 14 days of when you are running planning with Optimization?
    If the dates are further out than your time fence, they would not auto-firm. You may want to refer to this article which talks about the difference in behavior for auto-firming between Legacy MRP and Planning optimization?
    You can also check the General tab of the Item coverage form to see if your Auto firm time fence value is being overridden at that level.
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    DB-22050134-0 Profile Picture
    DB-22050134-0 2 on at
    Planned Orders Not Autofirming
    Perhaps this may help?

    Advanced Troubleshooting Steps:

    1. Review Error Logs in Depth:

      • Since you're encountering errors during auto-firming but not during manual firming, it's crucial to review detailed error logs. Go to System administration > Inquiries > Batch jobs and check the logs for the Planning Optimization job. Look for any specific error details or warnings that might give further clues.
    2. Planning Optimization Setup:

      • Ensure that the Planning Optimization setup is correct and compatible with auto-firming. Go to Master planning > Setup > Planning optimization parameters and verify all settings. Ensure that Planning Optimization supports the features you are using, as some versions may have limitations.
    3. Time Fence and Coverage Group Re-check:

      • Double-check the Firming time fence settings in your coverage group. Ensure it is set correctly and matches the dates of the planned orders.
      • Verify that the Coverage group assigned to items is the correct one and that no other conflicting coverage settings exist.
    4. Master Planning Parameters Review:

      • Go to Master planning > Setup > Master planning parameters. Ensure the parameters align with your auto-firming strategy. Verify that Autofirming is enabled and correctly configured for the master plan you are using.
    5. Consistency in Item Coverage:

      • Ensure consistency in the item coverage settings for all items that need auto-firming. Sometimes, inconsistencies in item-specific coverage settings can cause issues.
    6. Review and Test with a Simplified Scenario:

      • Create a simplified test scenario with a single item and a single coverage group. Ensure all settings are correct and run Planning Optimization. This helps isolate the issue and determine if it’s related to specific items or settings.
    7. Evaluate Dependencies and Constraints:

      • Review any dependencies or constraints that might be affecting the auto-firming process, such as lead times, supply schedules, or resource availability.
    8. Batch Job Configuration:

      • Ensure that the batch job for Planning Optimization is correctly set up and has the necessary permissions. Sometimes, issues arise due to misconfigured batch jobs or insufficient permissions.

    Example Walkthrough:

    Let's take the example of item "XYZ789":

    1. Coverage Group Setup:

      • Coverage group "AutoFirmGroup" has a firming time fence of 7 days.
      • Ensure no other conflicting coverage groups are assigned to the item.
    2. Item Coverage Check:

      • Item "XYZ789" is assigned to "AutoFirmGroup".
      • No other conflicting item coverage settings should be present.
    3. Planning Optimization Parameters:

      • Ensure all relevant settings are correct and no conflicting configurations exist.
      • Enable detailed logging if possible to capture more information about the auto-firming process.
    4. Test Simplified Scenario:

      • Create a new item "TEST123" with similar settings.
      • Assign it to "AutoFirmGroup" and run Planning Optimization to see if it firms correctly.

    Resolving Specific Error Messages:

    • If errors are logged, analyze them in detail. They might indicate missing data, misconfigurations, or unsupported features.
    • Compare settings for items that auto-firm manually without issues and those that don’t auto-firm automatically.

    Additional Steps:

    1. Update and Patch Dynamics 365:

      • Ensure your Dynamics 365 system is up to date with the latest patches and updates. Sometimes, bugs are resolved in newer versions.
  • John Fortino Profile Picture
    John Fortino 31 on at
    Planned Orders Not Autofirming
    No, I do not get this message when I manually firm.  That said, I figured out why I was getting that error message.  I've fixed the issue and no longer get that message.  But, I still can't get auto-firming to work.  When I manually firm, the planned orders firm just fine.  Just can't get auto firm functionality to work.  
  • GuyUK Profile Picture
    GuyUK 28,340 on at
    Planned Orders Not Autofirming
    Do you get the same error when manually Firming a Planned production order for one of these items?

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