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WORK SPLIT - Update Quantities and Batches

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Hope you all are doing great!

I would like to share and discuss about the Split work feature. 

Abstract: Update the Quantities and batch details in Reservation, Load, Shipment, Work for the SalesOrder

Business Challenge:

  • Client has 3rd party warehouse and items are shipped by these 3rd party warehouse
  • we are using Adv. Warehouse in D365 for these 3rd party warehouse
  • Upon Creating work when we release order/Load to Warehouse in D365, WH work gets created
  • we are sending this information via EDI document to warehouse
  • 3rd party warehouse when actually ship the items, Quantities may split in different batches of item.
  • we have to process the shipment information via EDI document and update the respective tables in d365 (Reservation, InventTrans, Work, Load, shipment)
  • we are using batch below reservation hierarchy for Items

Proposed Solution

Automate the /Split Work/ feature is available in D365 Warehouse Mobile app, where the user will be able to specify the quantity and Batch details do the picking and complete the work, which also update the Reservation, InventTrans.

Need some help with some technical reference to achieve the same. Also open to any other solution approach which makes the Customization less complex.

[Note :  Already Looked into the split work functionality within FO, facing challenges on splitting the work with single pick line and no option to update quantities/ batches]


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    WORK SPLIT - Update Quantities and Batches
    I don't have technical information about how to extend or develop mobile processes. With my previous employer, we had to extend one process. At that time, I did some reverse engineering to check how all should be developed as it is hard or impossible to find public information.

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