Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 was released on the 2nd October. In this series of posts, I’ll be going hands on and installing the majority of the components; some of them, such as Analysis Cubes for Excel, which are little used, I won’t be covering.

The series index will automatically update as posts go-live in this series.

As mentioned in the last post, on the eConnect Prerequisites, I have a number of clients who use eConnect for integration data into Microsoft Dynamics GP using the Microsoft Message Queue. This uses an eConnect installation on a server.

To install the server eConnect, log onto the server and launch the setup utility. Under Additional Products, select eConnect:

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 setup utility

Accept the terms of the License Agreement and click Next::

License Agreement

If the ,em>Incoming-Outgoing Service feature is not marked, and cannot be marked, you have missed the second of the prerequisites; install the MSMQ Triggers and restart the installer.

Verify the installation location and click Next:

Select Features

Enter the credentials of the service account which will run the eConnect services (this account msut be a local adminisrator during the installation). Click Next to proceed:

eConnect Server User

Enter the Server Name, Dynamics GP System Database Name (default is Dyamics) and select the authentication method for connecting to the Dynamics GP SQL Server.

Click Next:

SQL Connection Information

When ready to install, click Install:

Ready to Install

Once the installation is compelte, cick Exit:

Installation Complete

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