Hello everyone:

Now that you have been using and loving Document Attach, you're wondering what more may be done. Well, we have the answers!

Setup window

The setup window, Setup >> Company >> Document Attachment Setup, has new fields you should be aware of.

1. Document Delete Control

Before Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2, any user had the power to delete an attached document.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2, you may continue to let all users delete documents, or prevent any document from being deleted, or set a password to control when a user may delete a document.

Note: Out-of-the-box Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 prevents any document from being deleted. So you may want to adjust this right away.

2. Document 'Flow'

For Customers, Vendors and Items, documents attached at the Master Record level may be set up to automatically attach - Flow - to Sales or Purchasing Transaction documents when the transaction document is created or items are added.

Using Setup, flow may be controlled per Master Record type; in addition the parameters setup within the master’s documents will also flow to the Transaction documents.

Note: Documents that 'flowed' will have all properties be uneditable.

3. Email Attached documents

FINALLY! Attached documents may be also attached to e-mail messages sent from Sales or Purchase Transactions!

Note: It's not enough to mark the 'Send Attachments in email' to send attached documents on emails.

To attach documents to email messages properly:

- In Document Attach Setup, mark the 'Send Attachments in email'

- In each Document's 'Attach Properties' window, mark 'Send Attachments in email'.

- On Sales Transaction Entry or Purchase Order Entry, pull up the document, and click
     Action >> 'Select Attachments to Send in email'.

  - Each document may be separately marked to attach to the email message.

  Be aware, these settings are remembered for future use.

4. Attribute Defaults

Attributes are additional information you may enter to help describe the attached document. In Setup, you enter the Attribute Prompt names, and the default attribute.

Document Attachment Management window:

Within the Document Attach Management, the scrolling window has been updated to help identify which of the new features is marked for a document. There is a column to show if the document is set to flow, and one if it is set to email.

The final new column contains an Expansion button to open the new Attachment Properties window.

Attachment Properties Window fields:

Note: If these fields are disabled, that means the document had 'flowed' from a Master record. The settings come from the Master record's document, and are not changeable for this attached document. Changing the Master record's settings won't change documents that have already 'flowed'.

- The only way to enable the fields is to delete the attached document and re-attach it.

            1. Type - This section shows if the document is marked to flow or not flow.

            2. Attribute - This section allows users to enter description for each of the properties, and select a default attribute. These fields are informational only.

            3. E-mail - Mark this document if you want to allow users to select the document to be emailed.

This only indicates the document is allowed to be emailed, not that it will be emailed.

Note: Selecting just this checkbox is not sufficient to attach the document to the e-mail message. The document must also be marked under the documents' Action >> 'Select Attachments to Send in email'.

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Happy Attaching!

Lee Butenhoff