In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 new functionality has been added that allows users to include documents that they have attached to the various business objects (e.g. timecards, purchase orders, purchase requisitions, payables batches and transactions, etc.) in the notification emails that workflow approvers receive. This, paired with the Workflow Email Action functionality that was previously included in Workflow, will allow an approver to receive a notification email, review the included attachments and approve or reject the document directly within the email.



There are just a few steps you need to complete in order to configure Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 to include document attachments in workflow notification emails.

1) The Allow Document Attachments checkbox must be marked on the Document Attachment Setup window (Administration – Setup – Company – Document Attachment Setup)

NOTE: The Send Attachments in email checkbox is for existing functionality to send emails to vendors and customers. This checkbox does not affect the workflow messages and does not need to be marked for the new workflow functionality.

2) The Include Document Attachment documents checkbox on Workflow Maintenance (Administration | Setup | Company | Workflow Maintenance) is only enabled if you have marked Allow Document Attachments in Document Attachment Maintenance and Send Message on Workflow Maintenance.

Note 1: Some windows allow for a document attachments at both the header and the line item level (e.g. sales line items, purchasing line items). When the message is sent, all document attachment documents on the window will be sent.

Note 2: Document Attachments from the Note window will not be sent in the workflow message.


When an approver receives the notification email it will look like the following. Note that the document, which was attached to the Purchase Order in this case, has been attached to the e-mail.

Document Attachment Status Inquiry window

We’ve also enhanced the Document Attachment Status Inquiry window as a new feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2.  This functionality allows you to view when a particular attachment was included in a workflow notification.

If you go back to our previous example Purchase Order you can drill down into the attachment object as follows:

1) Navigate to the Purchase Order Entry window and open the Purchase Order you submitted for approval

2) Click on the Attach button to open the Document Attachment Management window

3) Highlight your attachment, then click the blue expansion arrow by the Date field to open Document Attachment Status Inquiry

4) You should see two entries for this particular attachment: one for Attached and another when it was included in a Workflow Message



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