In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 the Project Time & Expense (PTE) Timesheets and Expense Reports can now be approved through the Workflow assignment email.  Functionality was also added so the email will give a warning to approvers if there is a transaction line that will put a project over budget on the Timesheet or Expense.  

There are two areas this can be setup: Timesheets and Employee Expense.  To review your Timesheet setup settings, under Project, click Setup, choose Timesheet and select the Options button.  For the Employee Expense setting, under Project, click Setup choose Employee Expense and select the options button.

Based on how you have the ‘Exceed Total Budget’ options checked, will determine how the timesheet or employee expense can be processed. For more information on setup and how each setting affects your results, please download the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 New Feature Documentation.  

Here is an example of what the request for approval would look like, via email:

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