In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 the Payroll Timecard Workflow assignment emails will be streamlined to no longer list 0-hour lines from the timecard and they will also include the Transaction Date per line versus the Batch Header date. This way when the manager approves the time, they can easily tell the date for when the employee worked and entered hours.

For Example, in the Timecard Below I entered 8 hours of time against 3 days.  

 In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 the Workflow assignment email will only display the 3 lines with time entered against them, instead of every line on the timecard.



In previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP all timecards lines 'including 0 hour lines' in the example above would be displayed in the email as follows with no Transaction Date as well.


In addition to Transaction Date the following Document Lines are available for inclusion on Workflow Assignment Emails:

Transaction Date

Comment Text

Pay Schedule

Period ID



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