With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Round 2, there are two new Receivables Management features I’m excited to share with you!

Feature #1 – Print Remaining Documents – Statements:

The Print Remaining Documents – Statements feature was added to allow a user to email and print customer statements at the same time without duplication.

In the past, if a user chose to print statements for a large group of customers, Microsoft Dynamics GP would send a statement for every one of those customers even if some were set up to have statements emailed using Microsoft Word Templates. This would cause unnecessary duplication of some customer statements.

In the previous versions, you could either email all statements or print all statements. It was not possible to do both at the same time.

When the Print Remaining Statements check box is selected and the Email button clicked in the Print Receivables Statements window (Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Routines >> Sales >> Statements), Microsoft Dynamics GP will:

1. Generate emails for all customers set up to receive statements via email using Microsoft Word Templates.

2. After all emails have been generated, Microsoft Dynamics GP will then print all remaining statements for customers included in the group who did not receive an email:

Feature #2 – Email Address Based on Document Type – Customers:

The Email Address Based on Document Type - Customers feature was added to allow the user to assign specific and/or multiple email addresses to specific Sales Document Types for each Customer.
In the previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, if you wanted to send the Receivables Invoice to one email address and the Customer Statement to a different email address, then you would have to modify the email address in the Customer’s Internet Information window.

With the new functionality, when the Enable radio button under Email-Address based on Doc Type is active in the Customer Email Options window (Cards >> Sales >> Customer >> Email button), you can assign specific and/or multiple email addresses by clicking on the Email Address button (ellipsis) next to the document type:

This will open the new Email Address Based On Document Type window, where a user can select the appropriate check box next to each email address or addresses to assign them to that specific document type. It is also possible to assign the same email settings to other document types in the Email Address Based On Document Type window:

Please click on the following link for detailed documentation on what’s new in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 Financials:

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