In later October, there will be some cosmetic changes made to the transactional area of CustomerSource and PartnerSource.  Functionality of what you use will not be lost, just a change to where you access this information.
A new link called CustomerSource (Center) will be added to the CustomerSource Home Page, under the News & Events section, and under the individual's user profile.
CustomerSource (Center) will consolidate the following links into one location:
  • My Profile
  • Company Profile
  • My Products & Services
  • Our CustomerSource Accounts
  • Order Status
  • Our Partner Information
  • Insights


For partners there is duplication of information.  Links that exist in both PartnerSource and PartnerSource Business Center will be removed from PartnerSource. There is no change to the features or functionality within the link, only where you access the link from. 

Going forward you will need to access the links in PartnerSource Business Center.

  • Place an Order
  • View Order Status
  • Order Partner Service Plans
  • New Operations Requests­­­­­­­
  • View Existing Operations Requests
  • My Messages
  • My Profile
  • Company Profile
  • Insights

For customers during the month of October, both areas will be available to customers and partners.  Later November individual links will be removed and only CustomerSource Center will be available.


Terry Heley