Hello again Dynamics GP Community!

In this article I wanted to discuss some changes to the Dynamics GP Web Services product that may impact your upgrade plans.

As those of you who upgraded GP Web Services from Dynamics GP 2018 to Microsoft Dynamics GP (Fall 2019 or 18.2) experienced, there was a requirement to reinstall GP Web Services by slip streaming in the appropriate MSP file.  This process was descripted in a blog we published at the time.

Now, for the Fall 2020 release there are a few things to consider.

First, if you're upgrading from the Fall 2019 release to the Fall 2020 release you can simply apply the new MSP file that is included on the updated installation media, then run the Web Services Configuration Wizard to update the SQL Server components as usual.

If you're upgrading from a version of Dynamics GP previous to Fall 2019 (18.2.xxxx) you are still going to need to perform a reinstall of Web Services, but this time you'll need to slipstream in the KB4527536 patch, which is found under \AdProd\WebServices\x64(or x86)\Updates in the Dynamics GP Fall 2020 install media, in order to get to a compatible version.

One caveat to the above is that, as I'm sure you've heard, the TLS 1.0 protocol is being retired in the coming months.  Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Services currently requires TLS 1.0 in order to function, but based on our research it turns out that it's really just a compatibility issue with the Authorization Manager security store when it is stored in a SQL Server database.  Previously we had presented this as the recommended option based on the fact that you could easily backup your GP Web Services security store database along with your Dynamics GP databases.

In order to make Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Services compatible with TLS 1.2 the process going forward will be to reinstall Dynamics GP Web Services, but instead of choosing the SQL Server security store option, choose Active Directory.  We've published another blog that explains how to create an authorization store partition in Active Directory and then use that for Dynamics GP Web Services.  Unfortunately there isn't a migration to a different security store, so before you uninstall Web Services you'll want to review the Dynamics Security Console and note role assignments and any changes policy behaviors that you've made so you can recreate them after the reinstall.

Aside from that, Dynamics GP Web Services should functionally work the same despite the back-end change, so your applications, including Dynamics GP Workflow approvals, should continue working.