You may notice with GP 2018 R2 if you are using Integration Manger, your payroll batch will import, BUT the transaction in the batch is missing a Pay code, it is blank, strange I know :-) WHY would it do that?  It must be a bug with GP 2018 R2?  Not so fast, lets dig into this a bit more...…….


This could be due to the new feature in GP 2018 R2 Payroll Pay code start and end dates.

You may be thinking well I run payroll, I'm on GP 2018 R2 and my integrations are running fine, why am I not having this problem?

This will only happen when you start to use a start or end date on pay codes.  When you upgrade we default these new fields to zero/NULL so it is like you are not using them and payroll continues to run like its wonderful self, you will only notice this when you start to put dates in the new fields, Cards | Payroll | Pay Code.

When you key in a transaction, logic was added to warn you, similar to the below error message:
The transaction is outside of the pay code start/end date and thus not allow you to key a transaction for this employee.


Well when we use Integration Manager and other import tools, it may bring the transaction in and not catch for this error, but in this case it appears blank for the Code.

How to get around this:

1. Change your integration as should the transaction really not be entered for the employee? 
Or does the transaction begin and end date need to change on your integration to be prior to the employee pay code date?

2. Fix the employee pay code start and end date to allow the transaction come in, or clear out the dates.

Long term, you will need to evaluate this in your business and payroll process you have to use import solutions with the new payroll feature pay code start and end dates.

Thanks for upgrading to GP 2018 R2 so you can indulge in all these new features it has to offer and by the way, this is not a bug, but by design!

Terry Heley