Hello Team!

Today we setup a nice tool for data replication between on-premise and cloud version of Business Central called Intelligent Cloud.


1) I have virtual machine in Azure (Windows Server 2019 Datacenter) with installed on-premise Business Central Spring Release (14.0) RU localization. I used demo database (Cronus Russia) on SQL Server 2016.

2) I have Business Central cloud sandbox (also spring release) with US localization

Databases are quite different because of localizations and I want to check is it now possible to replicate data between tables with different scheme. It was impossible in fall'18 release of Business Central.

1. First of all we need to make some changes on SQL Server:

Check that you have Windows and SQL Server Authentication on it:

Next - check that you have user with SQL server authentication:

And to avoid my error in future (Spoiler):

You need to change compatibility level of your database to SQL Server 2016 (130) :

2. Now let's open our cloud sandbox and run Assisted Setup. Click on Intelligent cloud Setup:

If you don't have it - don't worry and just install "Business Central Intelligent Cloud" extension from marketplace.

Accept Privacy notice:

Select Dynamics 365 Business Central as data source (Also from April'19 you could use NAV2018 as source):

And now the hardest part - SQL Connection string. I spent a bit time to get the correct one:

server=ServerName\SQLServerName;Initial Catalog ="DatabaseName";user id =username;password =userpassword;

In my case it was:

server=Edge\BCDEMO;Initial Catalog ="Demo Database BC (14-0)";user id =abaludin;password =mysqlpassword;

Integration runtime name should be blank

After that you'll get SHIR download link

and Auth Key. Here I had funny bug - I couldn't copy key in Firefox browser and used F12 to open web page source code and copy value from there :)

3. Now we need to return to our server with on-premise BC and install SHIR from link before.

Just insert authentication key to field and press Register

And if everything is ok - press Launch Configuration manager:

Press Diagnostics TAB and check that you can succeed the connection (remember that here you need to use double \\ in server name):

4. Now press Next on cloud BC and you'll see companies list from on-premise. Select needed company or just choose Replicate all companies:

Set the replication schedule and finish setup:

Find Intelligent cloud management page and press Run Replication Now:

You'll see:

Wait about 10 minutes for initial replication and you'll get next result:

I got 65 failed tables. Most of them (about 90%) - are just not found (because of different localisations) but several are failed because of different fields with same names. As I understood they have different IDs or size. Need to investigate it.

5. Now in my parameters in cloud sandbox i could see my company from on-premise database and I can open it and see all my data:

Hope that my post was useful for you!