We often configure email notification for workflows but to approve them User needs to Login and navigate to Request to approve page in NAV.

What if we get a link which directs us to the Request to approve page ? Saves time right!

This article explains how to get a approval link for Purchase Invoice approvals.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Web Client


  1. Login to your web client with your credentials. Navigate to Request to approve page and copy the URL.
  2. Navigate to workflows and edit Purchase Invoice approvals.
  3. Click on assist edit of first response argument and select the last response. Enter the Link Target page as 51 and paste your URL at Custom Link.
  4. Enable your workflow


5.  Launch Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment, and open Report ID 1320: Notification Email in design mode. Navigate to Globals (Ctrl+G) change the Label of the text constant as below image.


6. Open the word layout and make sure the Custom Link is present.


7. Open Purchase Invoice in client and click on Send for approval.


8. An Email Notification will be received by the approver.


9. Click on the Link. It will navigate you to Request to approve page if you’re previously signed in else it will prompt for your credentials then once signed in, Request to approve page opens.


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