In part one, we discussed why you should consider a Microsoft Dynamics GP upgrade. If you’ve decided that an upgrade is the best choice for your company, you’ll be interested in this follow-up post about software selection and implementation.

Software selection – what kind of company are you?

Once you’ve decided to upgrade, remember that with today’s complex ERP systems, upgrades are actually re-implementations. So, it’s essential to choose the right platform and software.

As a GP user, your company likely fits into one of the following categories:

  • The GLAPAR

For companies that need only financial functionality (General Ledger/Accounts Payable/ Accounts Receivable), an upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC will be the easiest and least costly.

  • The Workhorse

For companies that need Dynamics GP functionality plus several third-party add-ons to meet their requirements, Dynamics BC may or may not be the answer.

  • The Enterprise-ready

Companies torturing their GP software to keep up with their growth have the most to lose by choosing the wrong upgrade path.

If you have significantly outgrown your Dynamics GP solution, you have likely already outgrown the current capabilities of Dynamics 365 BC. A sideways upgrade would be an expensive mistake.

Partner Selection

Many GP users feel that they have outgrown their GP software and their GP partner. If your partner only works with GP and BC, they will likely recommend BC even if it isn’t the best fit.

So, you have a few options:

  • Circumvent your GP partner and launch a software search.
  • Work with your GP partner on a BC upgrade.
  • Work with your GP partner on an upgrade to a non-Microsoft ERP solution.
  • Work with a GP partner that has incorporated Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O (Finance and Operations) into their portfolio and upgrade to a real Microsoft enterprise-level ERP.

What software will actually solve your problems?

Rather than focusing on marketing messaging, our experts at Pelorus propose an in-depth review of your business goals and requirements. Using your data and live software, we’ll compare your critical business functionality mapped against Dynamics 365 BC and 365 F&O.

Gain insight with Insite

Pelorus’ Insite is a productivity analyzer that generates a complete picture of your current ERP usage. Are you a GP user considering upgrading to another version of Dynamics GP, BC, or F&O? Insite can provide data, not opinions, to steer your software decision.

Equally critical, Insite identifies those “shadow ERP” components that may be costly to implement but that do not enhance your business.

Acing the implementation project

Many ERP implementation projects run over time, over budget, and with disappointing user adoption. Developing a complete picture of your ERP software platform’s efficiency prior to selection and implementation is crucial.

The PelorusTechnology website has resources and information to inform your implementation project. Our “Implementations Reimagined” series will get you started.

Check out our full functionality comparison of MS Dynamics options or our roadmap for GP customers that outlines all your options! Contact our team at Pelorus Technology.

For all Microsoft Dynamics GP users: download our Microsoft Dynamics GP Upgrade Guide

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