In this blog, how multiple Production Environment work.


Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
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1. Creation of multiple Production Tenant and Login:
Creating a Production Environment with different Localization

When system is Preparing a Production Environment

When you Login in, the system asks you to select the environment to login

If you use the<PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT NAME> , it directly takes you to the respective environment.

2. How licensing works for multiple Production Tenant.:
As per Licensing for October 2019 which states that only One Production Tenant is available.
Business Central October 2019 Licensing Guide -  Default Subscription Capacities

After a conversation back and forth it was clarified that the licensing will be actually update by April 2020 Wave 1 Release


Taking a level further as per discussion with, we (at Cloudfronts) have envisioned using multiple localization Production Tenant and then consolidate the Financial Reports.

3. How to leverage Intercompany - multiple localization Production Tenant and then consolidate the Financial Reports:
 For now, the consolidation of multiple legal entities in multiple Production Tenant is in backlog with no ETA provided.
Let us see if we can do it manually in some way.


Thus, this blog was just to give an information of multiple Production Environment deployment, Default Subscription Capabilities and Intercompany consolidation of multiple production environments.
I shall I try to manually consolidate multiple production environments in my upcoming blogs.