3 Reasons Why You Need To Start Digitizing Your Shop Floor Now

Your enterprise suffers when your shop floor is operating poorly. This is why you should make it a top priority to improve your shop floor first before other digital initiative. A lot of manufacturers are gearing up for change. Many enterprises will be impacted by digital technologies that are constantly changing processes and re-inventing manufacturing. Your shop floor will have the most impact of digitalization. It will be more evident because that is the heart of the manufacturing enterprise.

Without digital transformation, your business will get left behind

Digital transformation is the digitization of procedures, workflows, and processes that were conducted by hand previously. Digital transformation is all about modernizing your business to remain competitive in the 21st century and to remain that way for life. If you don’t embrace this, your enterprise will be old-fashioned, you would still be using manual labor and have high risks of being obsolete and going out of business because of the inability to cope.

It drives the manufacturing renaissance

In case you are wondering what this is, it is what we call the “bigger picture”. The 4th industrial revolution is giving way to the manufacturing 5.0 where new technologies are coming out from all sides Manufacturing renaissance is simply embracing entirely new production techniques and business models that can be disruptive to traditional theories and methodologies.

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