The enterprise I`m working in has a fully translated version of NAV 2017, so please excuse me if I don`t label features in their correct names.

I`m a user, not a developer, so I`ll try to explain everything that I see that`s going wrong from a user perspective. My goal is to find a way, that could possibly help with upgrading the current system, so that a feature does not interfere with every-day workflow.

Let`s say that currently we have 10 pcs of item A in our inventory in PUTAWAY BIN and we have 10 more pcs of item A currently in RECEIVE BIN.

Person 1 creates a purchase order that reserves the 10 pcs of item A for their client. Then, person 2 creates a second purchase order and reserves 10 pcs of item A for a different client. Already there is a conflict, as person 2, has now automatically reserved the item for a client who might not end up actually physically receiving the item due to it being reserved from somewhere that is not the PUTAWAY BIN.

Both persons, can create a warehouse document, that the warehouse workers need to assemble. They create a PICK document, that lets them move items from PUTAWAY to SHIP. However, the warehouse document that was created by person 2, will not have a filled in BIN number to pick the item from. Naturally, the warehouse document that was created by person 1 can be assembled and moved to SHIP, but for this example, let`s imagine that is not the case, the warehouse document is never created, but 10 pcs of item A are still reserved. Person 2`s PICK document has a blank where the BIN number is supposed to be, one can fill in the appropriate BIN number by hand and register the PICK document, however they cannot register the warehouse document, as it pops up an error message saying "Item A is not in inventory.". Naturally, it`s fixable, however, this happens too often and causes a lot of other problems for our workers and clients.

After the item A is moved from RECEIVE to PUTAWAY, only then can the workflow continue without problems. Easier said than done, while the items are in RECEIVE, they are being branded, packaged and actually distributed their appropriate shelves (BINs) in the warehouse and unfortunately the process cannot be sped up. So, while that is going on, items are being reserved and sold to clients who want to receive their items today, but for example they will physically only be available tomorrow.

I will give another example, a fix was applied that partially fixed the issue, it was still possible to reserve the item while it was in the RECEIVE BIN before.

Let`s say we currently have 0 pcs of item A in the PUTAWAY, but there is 1 pc of item A in the RECEIVE BIN. It`s impossible to reserve the item, as there are no items to choose from. However, once the item A is moved to PUTAWAY, 1 pc can be reserved, naturally.

My question is, is there any way to limit reservations for items that are currently located in the RECEIVE BIN? Similar to the second example, but while there are the same type of item in PUTAWAY BIN.