Hi all,

I have created one new warehouse shipment. Here (Ribbon->Getsource Documents).
I can able to select any record from the source document page(without considering the 'Destination no' field).

If I try to insert another record, it has to delete/replace the first record with a new record in the warehouse shipment line.

please suggest me some ideas.

Ex: 1) initially i have selected record, destination no(from source document) - C0001 ->respective records sales order's line is added to the warehouse shipment line
2)If I am selecting another, destination no(from source document) - C0002 -> it should replace the first records line from the warehouse shipment line.
I have attached the screenshot: here i have added sales order 1030 first,then added 1033. I want to replace 1030(first added) with 1033(recently added)

Thanks in advance,