There is a Source Expression field on the Pick Worksheet that is the Qty. on Cross Dock. Since this field can not be filtered and sorted, I am trying to create a new field that is the equivalent.

I cannot make a Flowfield or else the page errors out.

I added a decimal field to the table, and want add a Action Button that when clicked (Like the autofil quantity to handle), which will go through all the records on the Pick Worksheet, find the Quantity in a specific bin based on filters and than update each record. I know my code is wrong but here is what I started with. Either updated all the records on CurrPage, or where the "Name" is = to the Name the user has open.

                trigger OnAction();
                BinContentRec : Record "Bin Content";
                QtyInCrossDock : Decimal;
                    BinContentRec.SetRange("Location Code","Location Code");
                    BinContentRec.SetRange("Item No.","Item No.");
                    BinContentRec.SetRange("Variant Code","Variant Code");
                    BinContentRec.SetRange("Bin Code",'CROSS DOCK');
                    QtyInCrossDock:=BinContentRec."Quantity (Base)";
                    "Qty. in Cross-Dock":=QtyInCrossDock;
I want the field with the arrow pointing at it filled in based on the above filters.
Thank you!