Brought to you each month by the students, mentors, and presenters of The Genius Series…

The geniuses explored nurture marketing in October, with a focus on event follow up after User Group Summit 2017. They also started to scratch the surface of how to use LinkedIn for their marketing and sales goals...

  1. Presenter, Barbara Pfeiffer with The Partner Marketing Group, shared a number of tips to follow when it comes to nurturing event leads…
    • Re-connect
    • Build – provide additional materials
    • Funnel – move to a drip campaign
    • Use a theme/image to remind people who you are
    • Add a scheduling option in your follow-up
    • Assign your leads and connect your people with leads on LinkedIn
    • Consider a dimensional direct mail that will stand out (find creative ways to standout)
    • Search Pinterest for dimensional direct mail ideas
    • Think ahead – do pre-event nurture – start a nurture program 3 months before next year’s event
  2. David Gersten with Bond Consulting Services shared what he learned in their latest attempt at a trigger campaign. The campaign was well- planned with a 10-point email touch, but they didn’t have the resources to follow up in a timely manner. As they try again, they have a bigger and more prepared sales team to conduct the follow-up which will close the deals.
  3. Dale Haines with ImageTag and Rod O’Connor with Briware Solutions were both knee deep in event follow up and said when they send an email to prospects after the event, they give them the option to schedule a meeting by using a couple of different tools:
  4. Mentor, Jeroen Ederveen with Jet Reports shared a bunch of best practices on using LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Here are just a few:
    • Use Zapier if you’re not using Eloqua or Marketo to auto import leads in your CRM.
    • Content doesn’t die. Keep the best performing ads running.
    • PointDrive has recently been added to LinkedIn. Check out how it can package your content and measure intent.

  5. The Genius Series group is continuing their LinkedIn studies by attending The Partner Marketing Group’s 30-minute LinkedIn webinars this month. Final one takes place Wednesday, November 8 and all will be available on-demand at

The Genius Series will dive into Budgeting and Planning in November.

Until then, happy marketing!

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