Something caught my eye just recently as I was looking at a Facebook post - I recalled seeing something to the effect that the toothbrush was a perfect example of 5000 year old technology.

WOW! That made me pause, and while I didn't read further at the time, I eventually did look it up to understand more about who made that statement and why that statement was made. I guess since man first decided that teeth needed cleaning some kind of device has been used. From the original chewing stick used in Babylonian times (3500BC) to the somewhat modern day African toothbrush tree, the importance of good oral hygiene has always been around.

The statement about the 5,000 year old Toothbrush technologies was made by Philips in a recent marketing campaign they are conducting in New York city - with the hopeful outcome that most of us will ditch the old technology in favor of the not inexpensive electric toothbrush - which, surprisingly has a fairly low adoption rate (~30%).

You may be questioning why the The Partner Marketing Group is writing about modern toothbrush technology, tooth brush trees and chewing sticks... If any of you have attended one of our 60 Tips in 60 Minutes presentations, there are tips we reinforce virtually EVERY time and this is the perfect opportunity to highlight them once again:

  • Keep your email campaign/blog titles short and interesting (keep this to 34 characters).
  • Add numbers to titles encourage people to read more.
  • Whatever you do, don't tell boring stories!

I know I like to read interesting stories and I'll be that you do to. Keep your marketing interesting and success is likely to be yours.

By Cheryl Salazar, Virtual Marketing Director at The Partner Marketing Group