How to set up the VeriFone Mx860 for Microsoft Dynamics RMS Store Operations

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Hello everyone,

Did you know that Microsoft has tested a new payment processing device?

Please click the following link to download the "How to set up the VeriFone Mx860 for Microsoft Dynamics RMS" document: (login required)

This document provides steps to install the VeriFone Mx860 PIN pad device on a computer for use with Microsoft Dynamics RMS Store Operations.


This document is provided as a courtesy to our partners and customers. If you have questions about installing or configuring your Mx860 device, please contact VeriFone. Microsoft does not support third-party hardware.
Before you follow the steps in this article, you must first set up the forms that you want the device to display. For more information, see the file Mx800 Form Manager and Form Library API Guide.pdf in the Documentation folder of the Mx800 Integration Kit that is provided by VeriFone.
You will need CustomerSource or PartnerSource access to download the setup document. If you do not have access to either of these sites, you can request the setup document from your Microsoft Dynamics RMS Partner or open a Support Request with the Microsoft Dynamics Retail support team by calling 888-477-7877.

Hopefully we'll see some of you at Convergence 2013 next week in New Orleans.

Have a great week!

Gregg Kosel
Microsoft Dynamics RMS/POS Technical Support Escalation Engineer

  • Anyone know where to acquire base forms for MX860 for RMS?  I have the Form Manager application that comes with Integration Kit.  This comes with base forms but I'm not sure they are applicable for RMS.  Any help?

  • Matt,

    I got RMS to communicate with the pad, but the only form that works is the capture signature form.  Have you been able to get anywhere with this?

  • Hi,

    How do you get the "Mx800 Integration Kit". VeriFone will not talk with anyone who doesn't have a service and/or support contract with them.  I bought a Mx860 to test the setup and integration and I can get pass the OPOS test (clear screen fails).  Could it be because I don't have the full Integration Kit and haven't downloaded forms (which I can't seem to download either).

    Please help.



  • We are working with VeriFone to resolve some outstanding issues and come up with a Microsoft Dynamics RMS specific driver download and revise the current setup/installation document. This blog post will be updated as soon as we have these things ready to go.

  • Has there been an update released for this?

  • Does anyone know where I could find a hardware compatibility list for RMS 2.0 FP2 running on Windows 7 64 bit?

    I did a websearch, and I found this website:

    However, the link in that site just takes me to the RMS overview site.

    I've got a customer who is considering using customer-facing credit card terminals with built-in signature capture, and he is looking to us for recommendations.

    I've never used those sort of devices and I want to offer him some options

    I've heard terrible things about signature capture in RMS, so I might offer a recommendation to NOT use them and continue with a MSR reader or Cherry keyboard where the customer hands their card to the cashier.

    Any suggestions?

    Bill Yater

    Blue Horseshoe Solutions, Inc

  • Is there any development with VeriFone to update the drivers to work with RMS?  We have been trying to set up the signature pad for over 4 months now?

  • We are still working on some fixes for some issues with the VeriFone Mx860 device that will be released later this Fall. You should be able to at least get it working now though. I would encourage you to open a Support Request with the Microsoft Dynamics RMS Support Team and they should be able to help you get the device working. You can call 888-477-7877 or go to to submit an eSupport request.

  • Has there been an official release for this pin pad yet?

  • Hello Capos,

    We do not "certify" or "recommend" hardware devices. So we won't really have an "Official Release" for the device.

    I will tell you that we have fixed several issues that we have found with the device starting with Hotfix #38 which was released prior to CU5.

    We have fixed a few other issues since CU5 was released via Hotfix #39 and #40.

    Hotfix #40 was recently released and I am hoping the KB for this will be published on Monday.

    Whether you are already using the VeriFone Mx860 or planning on using it, I would recommend that you upgrade to CU5 and apply Hotfix #40.