If you think you may have a problem with one you've already added, here are a couple of symptoms to check for:

-- Your custom base query view is not in alignment with the standard ones on the menu.  They may protrude to the left when viewing them on the menu.  This is a sign that they were not added to the menu properly.

-- You save a filtered query view, log out and back in (to regenerate the menu), and it does not appear under the base query view.

Let's say for example I have a custom base query view that I'm trying to add to the menu.  I've created a view in SQL and saved it.  I went to Quick Query Viewer under Administration and saved my base query view there.  I called it "QQ_CUSTOM View".  Now I need to add it to the menu.  For this example, let's say I want to add it where the other standard queries are (in the Quick Query module grouping) and put it under the Accounts Payable heading.  Here are the exact steps I would take to add it to the menu:

1.     In Menu Maintenance, select the “screens” tab on the left.
2.     Hit the drop down for “show menus for” and choose “all”
3.    Locate your 'screen' in this list.  It’s a long list but it should be in alphabetical order. (I'm looking for 'QQ_CUSTOM View')
4.    Drag and drop your screen over the top of the node that you would like it to appear under.  So for instance, if I'm trying to add “QQ_CUSTOM View” under “Accounts Payable” I would locate “QQ_CUSTOM View” from the screens list on the left and drag and drop it over top of the word “Accounts Payable”

This method of adding the custom base query views to the menu is documented in the Quick Query user guide but I do field cases regarding this topic.  If you have any questions and comments, leave them in the comments section!